eCommerce Bot for Telegram
This bot is a mini app thast offers advanced eCommerce functionality, user-friendly interface, and online payment options directly in Telegram.
Create a Telegram bot for free
What is a Telegram bot?
Демонстрация магазина
Our bot is a mini app
on Telegram for shopping online
Sell anything
Take advantage of the rich set of options to sell digital and physical goods, as well as services
Product options
Add product various options: color, size, etc.
Payment collection via bot
Enjoy the wide selection of payment systems, including those built in with Telegram
Everything you need to 
know about web bots.
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Видео-инструкция по созданию веб-бота
Creating your Telegram bot has never been easier. It takes only 10 minutes!
An average time for creating a bot with uShop platform takes 10 minutes
Manage products
Update products and accept orders in the interface of the uShop platform, review "left in stock" goods and create special offers
Create an online store
Benefits of
Telegram bot builder
High conversion rate
The real viewing rate for messages in messengers as of 2022 is about 50% on average
No code
Create a bot without any technical knowledge. You onlu need to sign up on the site and add your products.
Ready-to-use products
Bot menu with buttons
Automated interactions
Payment and delivery builder
The uShop online store and Telegram bot are automatically synchronized
Benefits of uShop
Unlimited number of products with a ton of settings, parameters, filters, and functions
Pricing plans
For the implementation of a full-fledged online store and Telegram bot, we have offer one Online Store plan
$9.99 / per month
When paying on a monthly basis
We offer an all-in-one plan that comes with everything you need to run your online store, including the eCommerce bot for Telegram
Sale of digital products
Import of products from Excel and other platforms
Online payments collection
In-bot newsletters
15 days free
$7.99 $9.99 / в месяц
Get a 20% discount when paying for a year
Take advatange of our unique subscription plan that brings together all of the eCommerce features under one roof, including a Telegram bot
Free domain for the site, such as
And other advantages that are included in the monthly plan
15 days free
Case studies
Our Telegram bot is more than a regular chat bot, as it offers rich eCommerce functionality with secure payment processing
Let our professionals create a full-fledged online store and Telegram bot from $190
Our experts create custom sites, online stores, portals, and landing pages. Help, consultations, and SEP promotion are also available.
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